Lisa R. Walker

breathing happy hour
awareness through movement®…living the life you want to live


online free via Zoom, but you must register

please invite your friends and family by sending them to this page

friday, April 10, 6—8:30pm CT

class description:  pause.  observe.  investigate.  discover.

We will do (just enough) learning of the anatomy to clarify what optimal breathing is.  Then, we’ll get to the awesome part.  You get to lie down, relax and feel the anatomy from the inside out.  Your attention will be guided through very specific breathing movement and awareness sequences.  Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons are so relaxing and unpressured that you will hardly even remember you are in a class to learn.

Your vitality depends on your capacity for breathing.  It is incredibly empowering to realize you can do things to help yourself.  It’s like you will become your own detective, investigating how your habits of breathing are limiting your capacity.

You will also learn some cool things about posture.  When you improve your breathing, your posture automatically also improves.  I don’t make promises lightly, but I guarantee you will be standing quite differently at the end of this class.

And, of course, you will learn to quiet your mind, enter into a deep state of rest…and heal your body.  The result is a feeling of true vitality, the kind that feels strong and yet calm.  Balanced.  Grounded.  Alive.

you will need

  • Mat or carpeted floor
  • Set up your screen so I can see your body head to foot while lying on your back (helps to put camera near the floor…on something like a Kleenex box…and far enough away from you to get the full view)
  • Chair nearby
  • Bath towel (folded)
  • Dress in warm, cozy, easy-to-move clothing.


The class will be recorded, and I will send a link to those registered.  By participating in the class, you are consenting:

1 – to Feldenkrais Minnesota (my business) use of the recording for any purpose

2 – you will not record this class

3 – you will not share the recording with anyone who is not registered

If you don’t want your picture or voice included, you can turn off your video and/or microphone by clicking on those buttons in Zoom. It’s easy; we’ll show you how at the beginning of the class.